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My name is Kate Wagner.

I’m 13 years old and attend middle school in Las Vegas. The goal of this website is to raise money for children with life threatening illnesses as part of Make A Wish. There is much power in a wish. I’ve seen it firsthand. As a result, this has become a passion project to help children about my age. The concept is simple: sell t-shirts to raise money for wishes. All of the shirts have been designed by Wish Children. One of them was actually designed by myself, with 100% of the net proceeds going directly to granting wishes for these sick children. My friend, Ryan Koppy, is the person who came up with this idea several years ago when he was about my age and I’m carrying on his labor of love. He felt it was important to offer a quality product to all of you kind donors, so the shirts are made of very high quality, super soft and comfortable material. I hope you’ll consider donating to this worthy cause. Please know that you’re helping a sick child forget about their illness for a day, a week, a month or even years. In fact, many Make A Wish children donate their time years later because their wish meant so much to them and their families. There is much power in a wish. I have seen it.

My name is Ryan Koppy.

I’m currently 17 years old and attend high school in Las Vegas. Three years ago, Dana & Kim Wagner put me in touch with Charly Mapes at Make-A-Wish® Southern Nevada. Since that time, a lot of great things have happened. My Dad helped me set up my very own 501(c)(3) non- profit organization to raise money for Make-A-Wish®. I came up with the idea of having Wish Kids create art that I print on t-shirts. I sold the t-shirts through this website, with 100% of proceeds and donations going to Make-A-Wish®. My first campaign was a great success. I was able to raise $10,335 - enough funds to sponsor a wish for a very sick young boy, Lucas. You can read more about Lucas by clicking here. The feeling I had when I presented the check to Make-A-Wish®, knowing that I was going to grant a wish…it was incredible. There were a lot of teary eyes at the ceremony. My second campaign was even better than the first. In May 2018, I was able to present a check to Make-A-Wish® for $20,700, bringing my total fundraising to $31,035. I had a wonderful, life-changing experience over the past three years. However, it’s time to pass the baton to Kate Wagner. Kate is the daughter of Dana & Kim, and is very familiar with Make-A-Wish®. I have no doubt that Kate will take my idea and make it even better. Please support Kate and Make-A-Wish®. Thank you all so much!

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