Thirteen- year-old Lucas is quite a loveable boy with an outgoing and goofy personality. No matter how boring the situation may be, Lucas will make the experience fun and exciting for everyone in the room. Whether he is indoors or outside, with friends or family, Lucas is energetic and enjoys being busy. One of Lucas’ favorite things is to explore new locations and discover special sceneries through rock-climbing and hiking. The only things that can draw Lucas back inside are his friends and videogames. When Lucas and his friends get together online to play their favorites— Call of Duty, Rocket League, Watch Dogs—their alliance is unstoppable. In fact, Lucas is quite unstoppable when it comes to most aspects of his life—especially when it comes to overcoming obstacles his body has thrown at him.

Despite his love for reaching new heights, Lucas must stay within limits of 5,000 feet in elevation due to his condition. It’s difficult to imagine just how challenging it must be for someone as adventurous as Lucas to be forced by his own body to stay static due to his hypoplastic left heart syndrome. Thus, when Lucas was asked what his one true wish might be, he knew exactly what he wanted—to travel somewhere he had never been before, stay within his medical limits, and yet have an experience of a lifetime. Alaska immediately came to mind.

Not only is Alaska known for its jaw-dropping beauty, but also the many exhilarating excursions Lucas could surely enjoy while abiding by doctor’s orders. Lucas quickly began to visualize exactly what his wish would look like—a cabin on the water, loads of Alaskan critters, Denali National Park, zip-lining, dog excursions. If it could be thought of in Alaska, Lucas wants to do it, and he simply can’t wait.

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